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Man… so much for keeping caught up. This will actually be mostly short and sweet, considering there are 4 weeks I am covering.

Overall, these four weeks were not our favorite. Jimmy was stressing about the possibility of losing his job. My job offered some overtime, which I jumped on the chance to make up for the potential loss of his paycheck. My time card at the end of two weeks said 98.75 hours. I’m actually pretty sure that is NOT a good idea when you’re 26-30 weeks pregnant (6-7 months for those of you that do not understand pregnancy weeks!). I am still exhausted… and I am still working overtime, though not quite as much. Kaydence is well and healthy, so I decided as long as she lets me keep working the OT, I will continue to take it. In any case, all the stress and overtime led to a lot of arguments and disagreements between Jimmy and I. It seemed we were constantly at each other’s throats. Well, added to the stress is all the pregnant hormones… not just for me. I swear Jimmy is having them too!

So that was work… pregnancy wise, everything is great. Had an ultrasound or two in this span, and she’s growing like she should be. My blood sugars are doing fine. I’ve been given the ok to continue going to the gym if I want. I’ve been told I won’t be allowed past 39 weeks, which means it’s coming up fast! I’ve gotten a lot of Kaydence’s things put up and/or sorted. We now have somewhere to put her when she gets here, as far as somewhere for her to sleep, etc. I’ve also managed to start on some of the decorations for her room, and favors for the baby shower… started planning Sabrina’s shower… As you can tell, it’s been busy and hectic for us!

as for the pictures in P365… fail!!! i certainly did not have a picture for every day in this time span. I have a few. the pictures on this layout are from these things:

Week 3: Jan 15th – Stopped by the garage sale Sarah’s mom and fiance were having, so I could say hi, and thank you for throwing my shower! I also had lunch with Casey that day, and bought my first pair of maternity jeans. (so much more comfy!!)

Jan 18th – I made tortellini soup from a recipe that Donna gave me. Not too bad! We’ll probably try it again!

Jam 19th – Jimmy started coming to the gym with me…. hooray! He wants to lose weight this year, so he decided to start coming with me.

Week 4: Jan 22nd – made chocolate chip cookies using my late grandma’s stand mixer… I love that thing!

Jan 23rd – I wish I had a picture of this, but this day was the first day I put headphones on my belly for Kaydence… she didn’t budge through the first few songs that played, but when TRON soundtrack came on?! she was all over the place. Jimmy thinks it’s awesome!!

Jan 24th – I tried a recipe from Pinterest called Monterey Chicken. Again, Jimmy was a fan, and we’ll probably do it again!

Jan 25th – again, no pictures, but we did our taxes this day… hooray tax returns!

Jan 26th – we signed our new lease for the apartment

Jan 27th – we announced Kaydence’s middle name! I didn’t put a picture on the layout, but I announced it by posting a scrapbook page I made on facebook… she’s now Kaydence Olivia! yay middle name!

Jan 28th – goodwill shopping with my mom after the yard sale… Found a boppy pillow for $1.50 or something crazy like that… saweeeeeeeeeeeetttttttt! those things are usually $30-$40… AND, it helps me sleep. LOVE it!

Week 5: Jan 29th- again, no picture, but we went to test drive cars… not 100% sure, but I think we’ve narrowed it to Honda Fit or Chevy Sonic… the Mazda 2 felt like a Geo Metro. Not enough room to grow in it. It’s too bad that it was the cutest one on the table!

Jan 30th – stressed out from work, we splurged on pizza for the night, and decided to try Papa John’s cinnapie… OMG it’s the most delicious thing ever. I wish I could eat a whole one every day without endangering my blood sugar levels or gaining weight. LOL! This was also the day I had an u/s without Jimmy being there. Kaydence “rawred” and poked me while I was watching on the screen. He was sad he missed it!!

Feb 4th – I started working on my shower invites, and letter requests. I can not wait to see what people bring for Kaydee’s alphabet wall!!

Week 6: Feb 5th – no picture again, but we skipped watching the superbowl. (Who does that?!) Giants won, by the way…

Feb 8th – I received the first handmade gift for Kaydence… a knitted blanket from Jimmy’s parents’ roommate, Dusty. So sweet!

And that’s all! Here are the two pages for this layout… hopefully I’ll be back soon with weeks 7 and 8!

weeks 3 & 4

weeks 5 & 6


Hooray for week 2, and hooray for keeping up!

As I suspected, this week was mostly boring… and it came with a few surprises. I managed to find a picture for everyday 🙂

Jan 8 – I did dishes, deep cleaned my bathroom, started my digital scrapbooking, and organized more of my digital supplies. This organization project is taking far longer than I imagined it would. It probably doesn’t help that I’ve downloaded SOOOOO much stuff lately. I keep trying to just do a little at a time, but the problem seems to be that I download a little more all the time. So, I still have quite a bit to go. My lunch plans with Casey didn’t pan out, because her family thing ran a little late, but we’ve rescheduled for later today, so we’ll see. My picture for this day is a pic of my clean bathroom! You can see almost all of the counter, which is a miracle, I promise.

Jan 9 – On my way to work this morning, the maxima hit “20.0 mpg” average…. when I started driving this car in August, taking it from Jimmy’s crappy drive to work, it was at 17.2? maybe 17.9? I don’t quite remember… but as we put the middle grade gas in it, it was too expensive to keep getting crappy gas mileage. Now that I drive it to Scottsdale, and a little less stop and go, it’s taken 5 months, but the car is finally “averaging” 20.o mpg! huge deal… I’ve been waiting for this for forever! Jimmy laughs at me, because really all I needed to do was “reset” the meter in the car, and it would say it… but it has only been reset 2 times that I know of since owning this car in December of 2010. It’s good to know that in the 13 months we’ve now owned it, the average mpg is now at 20.0. Super exciting for me 🙂

Jan 10 – I forgot my phone for the day, so that sucked. I hate not having my phone… I’m so accustomed to being able to call or text whenever I want, and God forbid there’s an accident. How are you supposed to get a hold of 911 or someone if something happens?! and with being pregnant, Jimmy is super protective, and needs to know I’m ok all the time. So that was irksome. Anyway… when I got home from work (safely!), I decided to go to the gym… at 25 1/2 weeks pregnant, I’m sure people thought I was crazy. Since I was walking to and from classes last semester, and now would not be taking classes, I had decided I wanted to go to the gym to use the treadmill for exercise instead… well here it is almost a month after school was out, and I still hadn’t gone. I figured now that my schedule is back to straight 8 hour shifts, I get home a little earlier, Jimmy’s not home yet, this week most universities started up, so I might as well start going to the gym. I walked on the treadmill for about 30 minutes. Nothing major, or too hard core… I am pregnant, after all… but the doctors did suggest I walk everyday. I think I’ll only go a few times a week, but it’s a start. My pic for the day was me at the gym!

Jan 11 – I was up at 3 am to pee… thank you Kaydee, for hanging out on top of my bladder. Then, once I was up and moving around (practically jumping over the million pillows, walking to the bathroom, walking back, jumping back into bed over the million pillows again, getting situated…), Kaydence decided “mommy’s up, must be time for me to move around!”. The movements are still new enough to me that I enjoy feeling them… they don’t hurt, so I still just kinda wait around feeling her move. Well, by then i’ve been laying in bed awake for what seems like forever. I looked at my phone… 4am. Well crap. There’s no point in going back to sleep now. The alarm is going off in an hour to be up for the day, and I’m not really that tired now. Sooooo… up I get. My mind was teeming with ideas for my scrapbooking anyway, so I came out to the computer and did something I’ve never done before: BOUGHT a digital scrapbooking kit… two actually. I figured maybe it will help me stick to this plan for P52. And the support group on facebook that I joined had been talking about this kit. Mye de Leon at Gotta Pixel was retiring her “My Everyday” kit, so she was selling it for $1. I caved. I bought her kit, the date tag kit to match (also $1), and I found a super cute kit by Connie Prince (also at Gotta Pixel) that I plan to use for Kaydence’s scrapbook… all in all, I spent $6. WOOOO. Big spender!! My pic for this day is the preview of Mye de Leon’s kit!

Jan 12 – Nothing really exciting happened today… I went back to the gym, hooray! I played on the computer looking at scrapbooking stuff again (I think I’ve become obsessed lately!!). The biggest development in our life this week was that Jimmy found a middle name for Kaydence. 😀 I can’t post it yet, because he wants to wait until I’m not sure when to announce it, but my picture for this day is just a letter. I picked her first name, and since I really gave Jimmy no choice, I told him I would do my best to accept whatever he found and liked. I have to say I wasn’t head over heels in love with the name he found at first, but since I don’t “hate it”, I wouldn’t veto it, and since I decided I wouldn’t veto it, it’s growing on me. I’m sure I’ll love it by the time she’s here 🙂

Jan 13 – I scrapbooked again… seems to be my favorite thing to do. Ignore everything that needs to be done in the apartment, and sit on the computer… never mind the fact that I sit in front of the computer all day at work. lol. Jimmy brought Marcus over to hang out, so I took a picture of them making a silly face while playing Skyrim. Hooray for Friday nights!

Jan 14 – boring day for the most part… We got the oil changed in the maxima, which is why the picture for the day is the nissan logo. I had already made my page when I found something more exciting for the day, but I figured I’ll save that for today… part of week 3 :-D. While getting the oil changed, we walked around the car lot looking at Versas and other cars as options for when we go to buy a new car after Kaydee is here. We also went to the Verizon store to talk about upgrading our phones, and walked around 2 furniture stores to look at couches for when we finally replace ours. I had one of my surprisingly rare emotional pregnant days… Jimmy and I are both very surprised that I don’t have them more often, since I was so super emotional even before pregnancy. So this day was one of those days where I was full of pent up energy, but didn’t really want anything to do with anything, but wanted out of the house, but wanted to be lazy… had plenty of things to do at home, but could care less about doing them. So we went to all these places and walked around. In the evening, I finished my week 2 layout for P52, and I made 2 pages for Kaydee’s book.When I went to check the mail, I found a “thank you” card from Susan, Sarah’s mom, offering to throw a baby shower for us! YAY! super exciting! As I mentioned, I already had made my week 2 layout with the nissan logo, so baby shower planning will be part of week 3, I think.

So that was week 2 for this year… my outlook for week 3: today I plan to go see Sarah and her mom to personally thank them for the shower offer! I’m also supposed to have lunch with Casey, since last week’s plans fell through, so we’ll see about that. Monday we have 3 more doctor appointments, including an ultrasound, then I hope to get the rest of the apartment cleaned out to possibly have a yard sale next weekend. I also expect Sabrina will receive her package, so I’m looking forward to talking with her this week! Hopefully that can all happen, and I’ll have plenty of pictures/things to say for week 3.

Here’s the week 2 layout:

Week 2!

Not a bad first week of the year!! I decided not to “commit” to a project 365, or a project 52, because I don’t think I could actually finish it (my attempts last year lasted all of one week!). I realized two nights ago that without even trying, I snapped a picture every day this year already, and wasn’t even trying! Must be a good sign. While looking online at other scrapbookers’ projects, I came across the idea to just do a blog to keep track of everything, and if you happen to snap a few pics, great! later, when I actually go back to scrap things, I’ll have my “journaling” already done 🙂 Hooray!! I didn’t add the photos here, cause they’re on my phone and I haven’t uploaded them yet… oh well. That’s a project for a different day.

Jan 1 – I had spent most of the 30th-31st online creating a “book list” of classics/literature I’d love to own in my library. (Some day, I’ll have the room for all these books, and I will have read them all!) This list has around 500 books on it right now O_o. On top of creating my own library-wish-list, I created one for Children’s Literature… books I really hope I can bring into Kaydence’s life when she gets here this year. Her list has about 200 books on it. One of the things I learned from my mother is the joy of reading… I hope very much that I can pass that on to my own daughter. I love you, Mom, for bringing this into my life, because books are amazing. ❤ Anyway… so on the 1st, I took all of my old CD’s that I never listen to (who uses CD’s these days?!) – loaded them all digitally onto our computer (so I can still ignore them, but they’re not lost forever, should I decide someday I really would like to rock out Aqua or N’sync…), and then took them all to Bookman’s and Half Price Books for credit. I received about $50 in credit for 1 box, and intend to sell the other box at a yard sale in the next few weeks. With my $50 in credit, I purchased 10 books off my classics list, and 10 books off the children’s list for Kaydence’s library. I also picked up 3 scrapbooking books for me, and 1 book for my friend Sabrina’s baby library (she’s pregnant, too!). I only spent an additional $11. I think I did awesome. 🙂 My picture for this day a picture of the 10 books in Kaydence’s library.

Jan 2 – Jimmy and I cleaned out our second bedroom to make room for Kaydence and all her baby things. We did start on Sunday night, but I was in that room all day on Monday. I made 3 or 4 yard sale boxes, we threw away 4 bags of papers and things we didn’t need, I re-packed the Christmas box, went through our “wedding box” to get rid of all the extras I had kept “for our scrapbook” (since I made the scrapbook and didn’t use them)… Now we have room to start bringing baby things into our apartment and making it look like we’re a family, and not just two adult slobs. LOL! My picture for this day is the “after” pictures of cleaning the room.

Jan 3 – Pretty much a boring day… Jimmy and I both went back to work. After work I stopped by my parent’s house to pick up my Photoshop Elements CD. My mom borrowed it ages ago, before she purchased Photoshop for her Mac. My elements CD is version 4… I can’t wait for an upgrade. But as I have scrapbooking plans that really couldn’t wait for me to afford Photoshop CS5, I needed it back to upload onto our “big computer”. While I was there, I went through some of my niece’s “old” things – and by “old” I really mean “barely used but already grown out of” things – to add to the stack of things I will be using for Kaydence when she’s here. I also took some of the “boy things” my mom had picked up before she knew we were having a girl to send them to Sabrina for her baby Gryphon. I then ran to the grocery store, and came home. Jimmy played Skyrim… like I said, boring day. My picture for this day is a picture of my Elements CD.

Jan 4- 24 weeks and 5 days ultra sound 🙂 Our specialist OB said that because I’ve had blood sugar issues for quite a few years, it’s standard to do a fetal echo to make sure baby’s heart is growing and developing normally. We got to look at our baby girl on the screen for pretty much an entire hour. We loved it 🙂 The doctor’s said she’s growing perfectly, I’m doing awesome with controlling my blood sugars without having to take any additional medication. Jimmy is doing a great job encouraging me to stick to my “diet” and not cheat too much 🙂 I’m still about 1 pound under my pre-pregnancy weight, which I am super excited about! I really really really hope that this means when I do have the baby, I’ll be able to drop any extra weight quickly, and be skinnier than I was 🙂 My picture for this day is a CD full of ultra sound pictures – I know it’s technically cheating, cause I didn’t take them, but whatever.

Jan 5 – Another mostly boring day. After work, I made my first ever batch of “cake cones”! They are my absolute favorite birthday treat… I knew I must master the mom-powers needed to create this yummy masterpiece, because my daughter is coming, and they’ll be her favorite, too. (If not, I may disown her… just jokes!). I’m not sure why I’ve never tried to make them before… but I’ve always made it my wish list for my mom to do… I did tell her this week that I wasn’t sure I had the mom-powers yet, since I’m only pregnant, not yet an actual mom, but she was sure I could do it. So… the day before my 26th birthday, I made my first ever batch of cake cones, and they were a SUCCESS! 🙂 I took a picture. Yay!

Jan 6 – My 26th birthday, and my “upgrade day” in the pregnancy – 25 weeks pregnant. I can hardly believe it. I think Jimmy and I are still in shock that we’re pregnant at all, let alone the fact that we made it to 25 weeks! I took two pictures this day… a 25 week belly picture, and a picture of my birthday presents all together. Mom and Dad got me a Shel Silverstein book to add to my library of books to read to our Kaydee Bug… my youngest sister got me the Twilight books (probably so I quit borrowing hers!)… Jimmy took me out for Mexican food to this little restaurant that wasn’t bad at all, and then our friends came over to play video games and chat…. The boys played Skyrim, and us girls talked for like 5 hours straight. They brought me flowers though 🙂

Jan 7 – I ran errands, Jimmy ran one errand, and then he played Skyrim some more (can you tell he’s obsessed right now?!). My first errand was to Walmart… I printed some pictures to mail, hit up the Christmas clearance racks, cashed a birthday check… Then I stood in line at the post office for an hour to mail gifts to Sabrina… I had found almost $11 in stamps while cleaning out our second bedroom this week, and knew I’d most likely never use them for something else… so, she should receive a box this week that had my left over wedding stamps, left over 2 cent “upgrade stamps”, and left over Christmas stamps. I took a picture because it was hilarious to look at. After the post office, I went over to my parents’ again. We switched yard-sale boxes for baby things. Now our second bedroom doesn’t have “crap” everywhere, but has un-organized baby things! Hooray!

Sooooo…. that was our first week of 2012. I don’t expect this week to be super exciting… so pictures might be a bit more challenging. If today goes as planned, I will have lunch with an old friend, clean our two bathrooms, and do some dishes. That’s the most exciting plans I have all week. Work and then nothing. Maybe something will surprise me 🙂

Week 1!


I’ve been in class for four weeks and have learned quite a bit so far. These are a few of the pics I’ve taken so far this semester. We’ve learned some aperture, attempted panning/action shots, shutter speed, ISO, and just started white balance… I still have A LOT to learn about my camera, though.

Hooray! I took pictures of our wedding book finally! For those of you who’ve seen it in person, you won’t find this interesting at all, because the book is far better “in person” than in these pictures… but I had to try to post the pics for the unfortunate peeps who couldn’t.

Sooo…. I spent the first month of summer break working on this present for Jimmy, and I’m finally posting the page pics. I made this digital scrapbook using downloads mostly from ShabbyPrincess.com and ComputerScrapbook.com… both of these sites have a lot of free downloads, tutorials, and all around great information about digital scrapbooking. I haven’t yet managed to create any of my own elements or papers or anything, but some day I hope to.

Anyway, Jimmy and I were married July 30, 2010. For our first anniversary I created these digital pages of the year we were dating (up to the wedding), then printed and put into a book. I also made a “paper” scrapbook of our wedding. I haven’t yet done our 1st married year, and was planning to do a project 365 for our second year… here it is almost October and I haven’t done anything for project 365. lol! Some day… when I’m not working and going to school full time, maybe that will be an option *sigh*.

I haven’t yet taken pictures of my wedding book pages, but hope to soon, so I can post those, too. Enjoy these for now!

So here’s the link to my T shirt critique, as well as a picture of the shirt and the design…

You’re not supposed to see the white part in the background, but I didn’t think to change my order of actions… I should have copied it into the T shirt design and THEN flattened. Haha. Oh well…

And here are the frames… I used my sister’s picture as a guinea pig again! And I’m excited to see what she thinks 🙂

The tutorial for the 3rd frame (where I got all the downloads):


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